Your flex company for (building) Industry

Your flex company for (building) Industry

(building) Industry








Are you 18 years old and looking for a challenging and well-paid job?

You work in a team of experienced engineers and you create a safe workplace at height. With all current safety rules, many (fall) hazards are excluded nowadays. The work is very varied and gives a lot of freedom without daily grind.

Wage indication: € 1800 / € 1900, - net per month.

In short:
Lots of variety and action. Every day again.....

Are you looking for a varied and educational job? A job in which there is almost always work for you ......
You will work in an industrial environment to dismantle sheet metal from pipes, remove old insulation wool, apply new wool and assemble the sheet metal again professionally. You do this on pipes, vessels, storage tanks etc. from small to large.
You start with a good starting salary (from € 1700) and soon have growth opportunities when claiming your level of experience. You are often assigned to an experienced technician who will soon teach you all the tricks of the trade.
In short:
A job with a lot of variation and learning / growth opportunities !!

Looking for a varied and well-paid job (eg € 1900 per person) in construction?

As a construction (helper) employee you can be multifunctional deployable for all kinds of odd jobs on a construction project. On the one hand you keep the construction site clean and tidy. On the other hand, you assist all kinds of construction professionals such as the bricklayer and the carpenter.

You grow into an all-rounder in construction ...

Looking for a varied and well-paid job in the industry?

You work with a team of painters on a maintenance project in the industry. Painting, blasting and spraying. You ensure that all kinds of pipes, vessels, tanks are protected against weather influences and corrosion is prevented.

A job with an excellent payment (from € 1700 net p / m).


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