As a scaffold builder you work in accordance with the construction collective agreement or the metal collective agreement depending on the company for which you work. Both collective agreements have an excellent payment arrangement.
The gross remuneration of an assistant technician varies from € 12.47 gross (metal) to € 13.63 gross per hour (construction).

This is more than € 1825 / € 1950 per month net !!

Thanks to our long-term projects and the possibility of (additional) training you can work your way up to 2nd / 1st builder or even foreman within the company. As a result, the payment is steadily increasing.

Naturally, there is also an arrangement for expenses. In consultation there is mileage money arrangement of up to € 0.35 cents per km.
In addition, there are reimbursements for safety shoes, hand tools and work clothing if we or the client cannot make this available.

For insulators and construction painters, the metal collective agreement often applies and the remuneration is almost comparable to the reward for scaffolding.