Building & construction

For various (scaffolding) construction companies within the Netherlands and specifically in North Brabant and Limburg, we deliver scaffolding builders and building assistants. This involves reputable construction companies that have been building correctly, sustainable and safely for many years. We provide these companies with qualified and certified personnel based on the correct employment conditions at competitive hourly rates.

A scaffold builder in the construction industry has a very varied job. One day it is a masonry scaffolding around a house. The other day a system scaffolding around an apartment building.
Our building assistants do all common work within the construction sector such as cleaning up a construction site, assisting the scaffolding builder, installing struts and outriggers, cavity wall insulation etc.

Available vacancies

Looking for a varied and well-paid job (eg € 1900 per person) in construction?

As a construction (helper) employee you can be multi-functional for all kinds of odd jobs on a construction project. On the one hand you keep the construction site clean and tidy. On the other hand, you assist all kinds of construction professionals such as the bricklayer and the carpenter.

You grow into an all-rounder in construction ...

Are you looking for a challenging and well-paid job? (from € 1900 net per month)

As a (auxiliary) scaffold builder, you build all kinds of scaffolding in and around construction projects in a team. In "no time" a gigantic scaffolding is erected on which all kinds of construction workers can safely do their work daily.

In short:
Lots of variety and action. Every day again.....