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Scaffolding is being built on a large scale throughout the industry and construction. These scaffolding serve as a safe workplace at height. For some years now, a guideline has been made for these scaffolding that must be met in order to qualify as a safe workplace. Requirements for, among other things, strength, stiffness and stability. In short: You don't just build a scaffolding ..... As a scaffold builder you are nowadays professionally trained according to the standards. As a team (1st builder / 2dn builder or assistant ), create a workplace together for others to offer help.  

Job offers.....

Job offer : Scaffolder (Assistant)

Are you looking for a challenging and well-paid job? (from € 1850 net per month)

As a (auxiliary) scaffold builder, you build all kinds of scaffolding in an industrial environment in a team context. Something different every day ...

In short:

Lots of variety and action. Every day again.....

Job offer : 1st builder / scaffolder

As a (1st) scaffolder you are in charge of your scaffolding team. based on your foreman's drawing or explanation, you take responsibility for creating a sound workplace at height.

A varied job with a lot of freedom, responsibility and a good salary.

Ask about the possibilities at our company .......

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